петак, 29. јул 2011.

Simon Insania

i don't know what i could say about this band except that they are from macedonia and that they have worked some post-punk/darkwave, really good one...if someone have some informations about this band it would be nice to share with us...this is their demo, so enjoy :)


недеља, 20. март 2011.

VIVIsect - born in flames 1989 - 1992

VIVIsect is a one of the first industrial project in serbia, they formed in late 80's in novi sad (serbia), so this is a pretty importance for whole region scene and here we have some their early works...enjoy!


петак, 21. јануар 2011.

Fire + Ice


ok, now i have something realley great for all neofolk and fire + ice fans (as myself)...theres no need for special introduction in ian read's work and here we have some of his live stuff, there are live @ hollywood moguls from 95's; live @ bucha from 98's; live in leipzig @ the wave gothic treffen from 2003. (theres a two link for that but it's a same thing) and live in halle from 2003. too (this is in flac)...i recommand them all so enjoy it

fire + ice - live at hollywood moguls 1995 - http://www.mediafire.com/?rwnon4m7r0gb5dy

fire + ice - live in bucha (28.11.1998.) - http://www.mediafire.com/?4belj5xpr5l8iy1

fire + ice - live in leipzig (2003) - http://www.mediafire.com/?wzp8ncon204c1cl

fire + ice - live at the wave gothic treffen (2003) - http://www.mediafire.com/?9d7fw3rmb24721f

fire + ice - live in halle (27.12.2003) - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GS2RQ7A4

среда, 05. јануар 2011.

Rascep - React (1996)

hi...in last post you can find a great demo of rascep gospodina karazmicinskog which was made in early 80's and now we are keep on in same direction, so in 90's they are change (or better say cut) their name in "rascep" and this is no longer a coldwave, post punk, goth like in demo and they music in react is more like some krautrock, psychodelic with various strange sounds and vocal is in some non existetnt language, still very good and very creative...high recommended



среда, 10. новембар 2010.

Rascep gospodina Karazmicinskog

ok, now something old, dark and rare, and from my hometown...so Rascep Gospodina Karazmicinskog is new wave/goth/psychodelic band from Zrenjanin who has been active in the early and middle of 80's...highly recommend


понедељак, 23. новембар 2009.

Dirty Granny Tales - Inversed World


this stuff is from greece...good stuff which reminiscent me of tiger lillies and sopor aeternus...very dark song's and there is a black metal influence

01 Inversed World
02 King Of Ants
03 Twins
04 My Uncle Bub
05 Hands
06 Didi’s Show
07 Stress Creature
08 What Is That Think?
09 The Entrance Of Curiosity
10 Strings From The Sky